27 Dogs With Very Important Jobs Who Are Doing Their Best To Be Good Boys

Most of us see dogs as our fluffy, stay-at-home, friends who live their lives day after day without any obligation whatsoever, apart from making us happy, and we often forget that there are so many dogs around the world who have real jobs, who live their lives trying their best to be good children.
Dogs can do a wide variety of jobs, including serious ones, such as service dogs, police dogs, therapy dogs or search and rescue dogs, and dumb ones, such as Airbnb owners, employee morale officers and print shop employees.
The dogs in this series, assembled by Just Things, are doing their best to save the day of the humans, and only ask in exchange for the affection of their human friends.

1. This is Morty. He was deployed in Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria and jumped 30 feet out of a helicopter when he caught the scent of someone in need. He served in NC for Hurricane Florence too.

2. This good boy works very hard as a video game developer.

3. Good boys waiting to enter the hospital rooms of sick children for animal therapy time.


5. Good boy helping children testify in court.

6. Very good boys waiting to save the day in Croatia.

7. “Took a break in the sun, coworkers checked in to see if I was ok.”

8. End of report. Deputy Gage.

9. “Stanley my medical alert pupper got to call 911 for the first time when I had ignored his alerts and fell into a seizure. He followed every step and tasked perfectly until medics arrived.”


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