27 Dogs With Very Important Jobs Who Are Doing Their Best To Be Good Boys


12. This is Sombra. A Colombian police dog with a $70,000 bounty on her head.

13. “This is Razor, a retired IED sniffer dog who worked in Afghanistan and visited our school today. Good boy level: over 9000!”

14. Police Department threw this brave officer a birthday party. Happy birthday, Max!

15. “Ruca goes on every call with me to bring back boaters who’ve had some bad luck. Shes been farther offshore than most people and in worse weather. People usually feel less stressed when they’re 60 miles offshore and the dog pops out of the cabin.”

16. When ESPN had Air Bud do commentary for a basketball game.

17. “Stayed at an Airbnb in Portland. It was this doggos job (if requested by the guests) to keep us company while we were in during the day. Just had to call her down to our floor of the house. 5 stars.”

18. Biscuit, a Staff Morale Officer.

19. K9 Callie, the only US Air Force search and rescue dog, after a skydive.

20. A little rain won’t stop Spencer the therapy dog from cheering on runners in the Boston Marathon.

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