A hippo’s fart causes injuries three people at a zoo

The events took place in Cabarceno, a famous Spanish zoo, yesterday morning, when a group of elderly people visited the park during a vacational trip.

A hippo’s fart causes injuries three people at a zoo

When the group visited the enclosure for the hippopotamus, one of the animals surprised everyone with an incredible windiness. “I had never seen anything like this and it all happened very quickly. At first we thought it might be a grenade but then we remembered that the hippopotamus was the guilty one, “one of the witnesses states. In a state of shock 3 people were taken to hospital.

The park executives say they had never seen something similar happen to them. Although they admit that the hippopotamus suffered from stomach problems in the last few weeks. “We are warning people not to feed their poultry. They never listen to us and these are the consequences, “says hippos caretaker Toni Garcia. Luckily the three hospitalized are OK and they will soon be home.

Source: thereisnews.com

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