C0lon0sc0py cancelled because of the patient’s pleasure moaning

A Spanish hospital’s digestive system team was forced to suspend the C0lon0scopy they’d performed on a 40-year-old man because of the pleasure screams from him.

“We thought it was a p0rn video from the doctor’s laptop at the beginning but then we remembered that the cries were coming out of the C0lon0scopy Chamber,” one of the service’s nurses said. Besides the crying, the doctor who was attempting to continue with the procedure had to listen to the patient asking him for “kisses on the neck and back,” so the test was stopped immediately.

“We had no choice, the process had to be interrupted and the patient sent home,” the doctor said. “We have already explained to him and his wife that he would probably have to repeat the examination but that he was sedated. I’m sorry but I’m not going to go through that shame again”

Source: thereisnews.com

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