Expelled from a IKEA store for shitting on an exhibition toilet

An unpleasant incident occurred last Saturday at the well-known IKEA hypermarket located in Bentonville, Arkansas.

After they had caught him going to the bathroom right in one of the showrooms, a customer had been expelled from the store. IKEA decided not to denounce, but access to any of its facilities was denied to him. “I was having a hard stomach ache for 20 minutes. I was trying to find a toilet, but it’s a maze and I didn’t have any options where I could. Because of strong smells the entire IKEA department had to be vacated, so the store resulted in a loss of $130,000. “We will not take legal action against the customer but we asked that he never return to any of our facilities again,” explains IKEA’s Comm Director.

It had to be removed the bathroom that the consumer used as a toilet and that IKEA shop would remain closed for about two weeks the time needed to clean this up.

Source: thereisnews.com

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