Goes to the hospital because he stuck a cork into his bu*t to stopping a diarrhea

In Denver, Colorado, 42-year-old Nathaniel arrives in the emergency department early on Sunday and he appeared so strange, a little intoxicated, as well as in embarrassment. When asked about the explanation for his stay, he murmured and stared at the floors, saying, “I’m constipated, I’ve got an ass trap.” He was rushed to the E.R after we had laugh, doctors explained.

“At home we’ve invited a few friends to dinner. We were having beer, wine and rum, but I was sick to my stomach and finally that gave me diarrhea. There was a lot of laughter and joking, meanwhile I opened a bottle of wine and then I stuck the cork in my a$$ because I didn’t have any choice. The cork has been secured so we’re here.

Notwithstanding the smart guy having been released after being diagnosed, it took a few hours to clean up the mess that came from his a$$. ‘

Source: thereisnews.com

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