Have respect for a woman

A man is born through a woman, and he is raised by a woman, and he falls in love with a woman, and he marries a woman. And I am surprised about the man, who doesn’t respect a woman.

Verily said. It is often a wonder that most people often do not find the women with whom they frequently interact as partners and do not owe them due regard and reverence in the community.
Woman has to treat gender equally, because we are all human beings. After all it’s said and some of them DONE, most of them believe we’re beneath them.
Most people are just arrogant that they never honor their parents, so they don’t respect a woman or friend. Unhappy Earth.

A guy who doesn’t value a woman isn’t a man, he’s a man’s lowest level, a man’s going to love her, that’s how the planet will go on for many more years.
Male and female are two sides of the same coin and honor and support.
A man who knows that his wife is his mother, his father, and so on will love and respect and worship her.

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