He leaves a party drunk and calls a taxi forgetting the party was at his house

The event took place in Denver (Colorado) just after 2:00 a.m., when a 53-year-old neighbor took a taxi “back” to his house.

He called the customer in once the cab driver’s arrived. So after going a couple of blocks, driver asked about his exact address, he told him to take him home, claiming he was too intoxicated, even though it was very clear. To the surprise of the driver, the address coincided with the place he picked him up from. “Holy shit, you let me in the same place, now I remember that the party was in my house and I went out to smoke, I’m drunk too much, then I’m not paying you,” said the driver.

The driver held him down, thereby calling for the presence of police to explain his condition to 911. The officers had to intervene and they heard a lot of muffled sounds. The whole thing was crazy, so for the little coaster the lost drunk had to cost $12.

Source: thereisnews.com

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