How do you make a fist? The answer says something important about your personality

Humanity has been trying to extract conclusions from its surroundings since ancient times. You can find online from reading faces, where the lines in your palms allegedly forecast the potential, to the various personality assessments of today.
While personality tests should of course be carried out with a pinch of salt, they can still be very enjoyable. Nevertheless, they’re dead on more often than I would like to admit.
This below personality test analyzes how you make a fist and tells us what type of person you are.

Clamp your hand, and see if it suits your type of personality.
Without us talking about it, it happens several times a day-making a palm. Perhaps because you’re nervous, or because you’ve got angry, clenching your hand out of fury. But how exactly do we wrap our fingers to shape it? The response says something about us as humans.

There are three different types

Below you can see the three different ways to make a fist – for the sake of simplicity, we’ll call them A, B and C.

How do you clench your fist?

Below, you can see what it says about your personality.

Fist A

You are a gentle person because you keep your fist in this manner. Your peers see you as a guy who is considerate and sensible.
You make no hasty decisions, and you are logical and well structured to think carefully before you do anything.
As a person you are very accessible, which means you are considerate and you make friends easily, you constantly take into account the feelings of others and act accordingly.

Fist B

You’re charming and talented when you put your thumbs over your fingers like this. Your charisma allows you to enter a room easily, and make everyone like you. It makes you happy to talk to anyone who is driven by your insatiable curiosity about everything.
You really say what you’re doing, and you’re not putting up with anyone you think has wronged you, yes, and just simply define you. Your emotions are very obvious, everyone instantly knows that you are happy, sad or angry.

Fist C

Closing your fingers under your thumb shows an introverted personality. The thumb symbolizes the ideas that you hold to yourself. You have some mates, but very close ones, and try to avoid disputes. But when someone finally gets you out of your peaceful nature to get mad, you explode like an atomic bomb.
You appreciate social events, but rarely stay the entire night, normally you leave at the earliest socially acceptable time. Harmony and serenity are your most influential qualities.

Which one of these is your fist, and how accurate is your personality description?

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