I’m at a point in my life.

I’m at a point in my life where I just want my family happy, my faith strong, my health good, my mind right, my dollars tight, and no unnecessary drama.

12 Things You Should No Longer Be Ashamed Of

Everyone has stuff which makes them feel ashamed. There are actually things that we’re guilty of every day. If you really want to take your life up to a higher level of consciousness and learn to involve yourself deliberately in a happy life, you have to bear in mind 12 things. Being mindful of these issues can really change your life and you can understand that you should not be afraid of what you are doing or thinking. Continue on to find out what you should be proud to say, instead of hiding out in embarrassment.

1. Trying your hardest

Anyone that makes you feel ashamed of trying your hardest, even in the face of insurmountable odds, should be ashamed of themselves for doing so. There should never be any shame in trying your best, even when you fully realize that the chances of success are very slim.

2. The food you eat

People sometimes make rude comments about the food you eat. They may comment you should refrain from eating dessert unless you are already two in size or have to skip meals. Feed if you feel hungry. Eat the food you wish to eat, too. If someone makes you feel bad about it, tell them to worry about their own affairs.

3. Your body

People have the misconception they ought to have the perfect body or not be seen in public. That is totally absurd. Be proud of who you are, and look like your body. Never let anyone tell you there is anything you should be ashamed of.

4. Past choices

Each is making mistakes. If you’re too afraid of those mistakes to own them, you might just make them over again. Worse yet, you might be able to help someone else by recognizing that you have made mistakes in the past and telling them that even in the midst of those failures, you will excel and live a happy life.

5. Being yourself

There’s nothing wrong with marching up to another drummer’s beat. Certainly, some people will make fun, but even if somebody else laughs at you, the worst tragedy is surrendering to society’s pressures and pretending to be someone you’re not.

6. Taking personal time

Nothing is wrong with taking time for yourself. This is absolutely essential if you want to be healthy, both physically and mentally. Enable yourself to never feel shame for doing this.

7. Showing your emotions

You become more human when you’re showing your feelings. It’s also getting you more open to others. No one wants to deal with someone who is acting like a robot. To express your emotions you should never be shamed. You’re just true to yourself and letting others know just where they are.

8. Friends and family

Often people try to tell you who to spend time with, and who to stop. Never let anyone do this to you. You know who you’d like to be with. Whether or not the partnership in question is intimate, you should always share time with the people you want to be with, no matter what the point of view of other people is.

9. Your job

Customers are very happy to be partnered with them. If you have a prestigious job, that’s great, but if you don’t, customers can often make you feel ashamed of what you’re doing for a living. The fact is, you’re working and earning yourself and your family a living. There should never be any shame in that.

10. Being an optimist

If you’re positive people are likely to tell you that you’re arrogant, or they’re trying to add some other negative connotation. Talk not to all of those remarks. Normally, you get that when you predict a favorable outcome. By the same way, whether you give in to negative comments and predict the worst to happen, you can also practically rely on that.

11. Having hope

Sometimes people say you’re stupid because you’re hoping something will work out. You should never feel ashamed to be hopeful. Hope is virtually the only thing you left to hold on to at times.

12. Forgiving others

Even if somebody’s done something awful to you, it’s easier to forgive them and move on than being angry all the time. The aim is to live a happy life and when you’re still frustrated you absolutely can not do that. Learning to forgive is much better for you and those around you, so don’t let anyone shame you when you refrain.

In closing, there’s nothing you should ever be ashamed of. Even if it’s a mistake, you should own it, learn from it, and be proud of the resulting person you have become. You can learn to do exactly that by following those steps and you can live a happier life in the process.


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