Mom punishes naughty son, only for 7-year-old’s comeback to have me bent over laughing

When I was little I hated doing the work. Removing the garbage was my work, and I would always make a fuss about it. Looking back at it now, I was pretty much the ungrateful brat to whin over such a small thing.
Perhaps my mom should have done what the mother did in this funny story–that would certainly have prevented my argument!
I couldn’t help but laugh loudly at the last line’s funny boy’s comeback!
This morning, little Johnny, 7, goes down for breakfast. Since they’re living on a farm, his mum wonders if he’s done his job.

“Not yet,” says little Johnny.

“Till you have done your duties, young man, there will be no tea,” she tells him.
Little Johnny feels a little sulky about this, and he kicks one of them when he goes to feed the chickens and let out his frustration about something.
He then goes to feed the cows and kicks a calf whilst doing so. He goes to feed the pigs on the way back to the house, and kicks a pig that manages to get in his way.

Mom lays down the law

He goes back in for breakfast but his mother gives him only a bowl of dry cereal and nothing else to his surprise.
“How come I get no eggs and no bacon? Why is it that I have no milk in my cereal?”He’s curious.
“Well,” says his mother, “I’ve seen you kick a chicken for a week so you don’t get any food. I saw that pig blow you, so that you won’t get any bacon for a week either. I also saw you kick the goat, so for a week you don’t get any milk. “Just then, his father gets down for breakfast and almost trips over the cat. His father regains his composure, turns around and pushes the cat through the kitchen halfway through.

Little Johnny looks up at his mother with a mischievous smile and says, “Are you going to tell him, or should I?”

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