Only a few people pass this test: How many M’s can you see in this picture?

It has become a trend online over the last few years to challenge ourselves and our friends with various puzzles. From solving riddles to picture puzzles or even math problems it can be anything.

Testing our abilities and limitations in different ways is always amusing. Perhaps because of our competitive spirit, which is, something everybody has, some more than others.

This image (below) puts your skills to the test. It’s pretty tricky-even if it sounds simple on paper.

One of the strongest memories I have of my school days is when the teacher came up with something different instead of the regular lessons on the curriculum. Some loved watching movies— but my favorite was when we had some sort of puzzle to complete.

A fun way to exercise the mind

During math class, I used to enjoy solving equations and problems, one day the teacher came up with another type of challenge.

He gave us various kinds of puzzles. Quizzes, riddles, images-every time it was different. I have recently started to solve them again and it is a really fun way for me and my friends and family to exercise their minds.

So I thought I’d share one of the last I’ve encountered with you. It’s easy but very difficult, as already described. Working together needs the eyes and brain–otherwise it’ll get rough.

How many M’s?

You have to solve that puzzle for 10 seconds. Look at a picture full of W’s, it is your job to figure out how many M’s are hidden in the picture.

I discussed this puzzle with 3 of my relatives–and on the first try, no one answered correctly. Of course, if you take more than 10 seconds, it’ll be easier so don’t cheat.

Let’s start–how many M’s in this picture do you see?

Hard, wasn’t it?

At least, most people think so – as they struggle with this puzzle!

Now let’s see if you managed to find all the M’s in the picture.

Below all M’s are marked in white!

How many did you find?

There are 9 M’s in the picture!

Did you find more than 5? Then you did great! If so, press the share button and you can pass on this fun challenge to your friends!

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