Photographer Captured The Image Of A Tiny Owl Hiding From Rain Under A Mushroom

I love nature when it’s peaceful, cool, dry and humid. Oops, wait- I’ve just described the atmosphere … But what I can’t describe is this lovely photo, unless you see it for yourself.

The German photographer Tanja Brandt managed to capture a little owl while hiding under a mushroom to escape rain, and the result is just adorable!
The tiny owl thought that the mushroom was a perfect refuge to shield him from the pouring rain, and Tanja was lucky enough at the right time to be in the right place. She had taken some photographs and this one went viral.
The owl is called Poldi, and is the companion of Tanja. He is 1.5 years old and according to Brandt he was the last of seven owls to hatch, but his strong desire for life helped him break out of his egg and emerge into this world.
He was born much smaller than the others, and he is tiny and fragile now.

After Tanja posted the cute adorable photo online, it took the internet by storm.

Brandt has been passionate about animals since a very young age.

“When I was little, I found every sort of pet and then hid it from my parents. I love the beauty, power, loyalty, courage, and friendship of animals. Many people could learn from them.”

Not only is Poldi a cat, she also has a Harris Hawk called Phönix, a Malinois dog named Ingo, a Weissgesichtseule named Gandalf, and a snow owl named Uschi…
Poldi and Ingo are best friends, with Ingo being the guardian of Poldi, while Tanja says he “doesn’t know how to live free.” Tanja is a photographer of animals and plants, and she often shoots her pets too.
“I’m always with my animals and cam alone. I don’t have any subjects in front of the camera and sometimes it’s a bit difficult, especially with the Harris Hawks, because I’ve got a big lens and I’ve got to go far.

“I like to shoot my animals. Why? For what? Because I’m holding my phone and my animals always outside. So we get to stroll together, have fun, go on walks, have little breaks… We take some pictures and we can look again after the animals while we start. I know my animals very well and I can see their mental state. If I go out with just one friend of mine, the other is antsy and needs to be with us. We’re having a lot of fun.


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