Priest forces bride to put on a coat to hide a large tattoo on her back

This particular event took place at last week’s reception, where the priest ordered the bride to put on a robe to hide a big tattoo on her back.

Everything happened when the bride came, she was seen by the priest and “I thought it might be disrespectful, she showed up with an open back dress and everyone could see a grotesque andanti-Catholic tattoo clearly, obviously I wouldn’t allow it to continue, it’s a sacred place for goodness.” Bride and groom were shocked and couldn’t believe their eyes, but they had no choice but to accept and go through the ceremony.

“We are very disappointed; because of me the most special day of my life has been overshadowed. I’m going to be the only bride in the world with a jacket, it’s not fair,” said Bride, who promised to do something about it even go to the Pope if it was necessary.


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