Russian Blue Cat Sisters Share Majestic Green Eyes And Silver Fur Coats

Whether you are a cat owner, or just adore felines, images of these beautiful creatures fascinate all of us.
Yet if you’ve ever turned your eyes on the amazing, gorgeous breed known as Russian Blue Cats, I bet you’ve fallen in love immediately!

Two so-called Russian Blue Cats of the “Western Style,” Xafi and Auri, are popular worldwide, mostly because of their captivating green eyes and silvery gray coats.
According to their website: “We live in Reading (UK) with our humans and share our house with our two friends Catdad and Mummy. In summer 2018 we were joined by our little brother Errol. He’s a Somali cat looks a little like a fox’s love child and a squirrel;).

The elegant sisters have their silly side as well and often stick their tongues out either at the camera or each other.

Born in 2016, they are sisters by blood, with Xafi being several months older. Yet telling them apart is not easy, as they are now the same age.
“Auri’s face is rounder, with broader ears and darker fur. Xafi has a slightly taller face with more angular ears. Their “Meow” is likewise distinctly different from the way they move and act both. Auri also looks much more muscular and toned, though the weight is exactly the same: 3.5 kg.

In fact, in terms of purr-sonality, they are very distinct, and their joint Instagram account, which has 129 K followers, shows the two siblings as Affectionate Xafi & Mischievous Auri.
Xafi loves to cuddle and sleep on the laps of her owners while working or watching television, but her twin, the “Klepto-Cat,” likes taking things for fun and running away.
Auri still enjoys toilet paper shredding, and “runs covers and cat beds.”


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