Scandal at funeral, when someone throws the wreath, to see who’s next

It’s starting at 6 p.m. last hour. In the city of Albany after an 84-year-old man died. Like any other funeral, everything went smoothly. The coffin was taken to the church where the Mass was held and then, with his family and friends, they move the body to the graveyard.

What anyone was predicting was what the deceased’s grandfather did. He took a death wreath that was on top of the funeral car to support funeral home staff, and threw it back where all attended. He was shouting at the same time, “Next citizens will be the next to get it. We’re in New York, hear the love, be like my dad.

The people at the funeral were very upset and tried to attack the boy, who had strong drunkenness signs but could eventually avoid the angry crowd.


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