She gets sick on a roller coaster, and throws up on 14 people

This occurs at a New York amusement park. A London family enjoyed their holidays visiting the most important cities, homes, parks, museums, restaurants and Luna Park Coney Island as a wish of their sons.

The older sister, Candy, persuaded her younger sister Elizabeth to ride on the strongest attraction in the park, called The Zenobio. Elizabeth, despite her stomach flu caused by various foods and a change in schedule, accepted it reluctantly and accompanied his sister. They wore short skirt and flip-flop so they grabbed the wagon and the nightmare started.

Elizabeth noticed in the first round, at nearly 200 km/h, that her stomach was not good so she could not control her sphincter and she was forced to throw up and defecate and splash 14 people who shared that exciting moment. This all caused some people to vomit when they saw the poop on their faces, hair and clothes. It is not yet clear if claims for damages caused by the park will be made responsible.


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