She requested to Hospital some emergency contraceptive pills because she had s3x many times that night

Last night, a 19-year-old woman applied for five emergency contraceptive pills at Dignity Health Arizona General Hospital.

Hospital attendants told her they were unable to send her as many pills as she had asked. When asked why she wanted so many pills, she replied she had a stimulating night out. She was apparently involved in an orgy, where she had s3xual affairs with at least five men. “We’re going to do stupid things but things got out of hand. We finally ended everything against everyone, of course, we didn’t use protection, “she said.

At last, doctors confirmed to the young lady that it was more than enough for her with only one pill. Then they told her to take care of herself and use security, then they gave her a c0nd0ms box so she couldn’t do the same again.


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