The Worlds First Marijuana Mall Opened in Colorado

History is being made in Trinidad, Colorado, as it is scheduled to open the world’s first marijuana mall this coming April.
Developers Chris Elkins and Sean Sheridan considered Trinidad, given Trinidad’s views on law and tourism, to be the perfect location to build their dream project.

In an interview with KRDO local news station Elkins said, “This city has a zero-foot setback that helps us to put five dispensaries right next to each other here. We are the only town in Colorado that can do that, as far as we know.”

Elkins and Sheridan have received city permits and have already purchased a building in downtown Trinidad on Commercial Street. Their next step is waiting for City Council to give their approval.

Four of the five spaces have already been rented to marijuana-based businesses, according to Elkins, and if the City Council gives their permission, they hope to open their doors to the public in April.
Elkins and Sheridan are also bringing their entrepreneurial skills into this initiative, along with their love for marijuana, and they’re excited about the benefits the mini-mall will offer to the community.
Elkins wants the mini-mall to boost the local economy and it seems like many local residents are in favor.

Mechelle Duran, a local Trinidad resident near the mini-mall, said: “I’m excited to see it open. We already have a lot of pot shops and there are a lot of benefits. “There are other residents who have expressed their fear about the mini-mall that draws homeless and migrant people.
Tamara Johnson, a local Trinidad, said, “I don’t have any issues with users of alcohol or weed to be honest, but I think we’ve had a lot of crime problems. I know the Amazon has issues with that. And transients, that becomes an enormous problem.

Despite Trinidad locals ‘ differences of opinion, Elkins and Sheridan remain optimistic and anxiously await the grand opening of the world’s first mini-mall of marijuana.

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