Time always change, Have faith and confidence

Don’t stress yourself too much because no matter how bad the situation is, nothing is permanent. It will change. I’ve heard that, I’ve learned, good times in life and bad times arrive at the same moment. So stay courageous with faith in God, then you’ll see that none is permanent but don’t lose your faith in God and you.

When we know how to handle every scenario, the life is beautiful. No-one can help. You can get your own ideas up there. You can’t ask anyone to put on yourself. You can trust your power.

I think time is always shifting so have faith and trust. I think any bad person has a great hand to get a fine new dawn. If they suffer from any anxiety, I encourage others never to be depressed. Have walked before on this road. To move to the side of justice, my light will shine for and upon everyone.
Does it need caution! It all happens for a reason. God make a way when you don’t seem to feel that way. I am always hoping that this year 2020, life will be better for me.

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