Woman hospitalized after swallowing her husband’s c0nd0m

A Nevada woman, 37, was hospitalized yesterday after getting an ambulance because of an incident that almost cost her life. The curious thing is that while she was giving her husband oral s3x she had swallowed a c0nd0 m.

That which began as a night of passion ended almost in tragedy. According to her, it was all a lack of coordination between the couple, “It was the fault of my husband, I usually don’t do oral s3x, it is because now I dare and I almost choked because he didn’t warn that he was using c0nd0 m, he won’t catch me again on that one.”

Man was embarrassed and took the blame for all and he always thanked God for nothing else that happened, “Whenever we do it, even though it’s not much, we let one thing take at a time, I wear the c0nd0 m when we are about to continue. Yet I went ahead yesterday and I put it on without knowing her. Fortunately the c0nd0 m got stuck on her throat and left a little orifice to breathe with difficulty, which allowed her enough time to save.

Source: thereisnews.com

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